Life Coaching


There are three main life tasks according to Adlerian Theory: Work (or School), Love (family, intimacy), and Social (fellowship, community). Each of these Life Tasks are equally important and imbalance in one can, in turn, upset the others. Finding balance in each is crucial to living a content and fulfilling life but often we need guidance in help in navigating Mistaken Beliefs we develop when we’re young or learning how our guiding principles can be reframed to better help us cope and navigate.


Life Coaching vs.


What's the


In Life Coaching with Beth, sessions focus on immediate changes that can be made for specific situations. The sessions are more directive and less concerned about specific feelings and emotions. Therapy sessions, on the other hand, go into a deeper analysis of life experiences, look for the origination point of thoughts and ideas, and address how to change the behaviors that may be holding you back.

Therapy and counseling currently only available through the Autism Society of Minnesota. Please contact Beth directly regarding life coaching. Availability depends on case load as clients at the Autism Society take precedence.