What is "Adlerian"?

Every person is worthwhile and has something to offer their community. In order to reveal hidden strengths and talents, a therapist must join with the individual, meet them where they're at, and shine a light on the potential paths that lay ahead of that individual. The therapist must try to see from the eyes of their clients, walk in their shoes, and feel with their heart but know when to spit in their soup. Being able to effectively and safely confront the individial they're working with is as key as being able to help the discouraged individual identify, embrace, and build on their inherent strengths.

Through an empathic connection, I hope to reveal mistaken beliefs, encourage paradigm shifts, and lessen barriers so the client can connect with their community. I hope to do this by meeting you where they are at and shining the light on the journey that is ahead of you. However, you must be the one to make the change and take action. Stern guidance as well as an expectation of mutual respect are a significant part of my approach.

Trainings: EMDR, very limited D/MT


"In mimic and physiognomy, in the expressive movements of the emotions, in rhythms of the dance and of religious ecstasy, in pantomime and in art, and most eloquently in music, this organ dialect renounces language as a means of communication in order to impress us the more."

-Alfred Adler